Algie San is a slow acting product designed to kill Moss and Lichen over a period of two weeks to six months depending on the type of Moss or Lichen.

The product has been designed for ease of use. Just spray on and leave. It’s as easy as that.

For use on: 

  • Roofs
  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Fences
  • Curtains
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls


For driveways, paths, roofs and fences: Dilute one part Algie San to five (or up to ten) parts water.
The dilution rate may be reduced if the Moss or Lichen is heavy.
Spray designated area being careful not to overspray onto plants etc, then let the surface weather naturally.
Alternatively the surface can be water blasted after two months.


For internal use and use on materials: Dilute one part Algie San to twenty - forty (depending on duty) parts water and spot check material/surface for colour fastness.

Leave on surface as long as possible then brush/vacuum material/surface clean. 


Available in 1L, 5L and 20L quantities. 

Algae San

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