The environmentally sensitive system is discreet, safe, user-friendly and cost effective. 


The disposable cartridge consists of a unique lid and self deodorising antimicrobial biodegradable bag. When full the cartridge is removed and disposed of without having to touch the waste product.


Completely hygenie

  • Eliminates odour and risk of infection.
  • Absolutely no contact with harmful bacteria.



  • Simple to service cartridges that require minimal handling.


Compact size

  • Sleek design to fit into the smallest spaces.
  • Wall mountable.


Environmentally friendly

  • Fully biodegradable cartridges.
  • Avoids waste being disposed down toilets.


Cost effective

  • Units have a long lifespan when used correctly.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance required.
  • Save on labour and replacement costs - no contracts. 


The Bio-Bin Sanitary bin can be freestanding or fixed to the wall.


This  includes 1 cartridge, unit, plinth and wallfittings. Additional cartridges can be purchased - please contact us to purchase. 

Bio-Bin 13L Sanitary Bin - with Plinth

SKU: TBR-20-BP10-TCR-100