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Bug Off is a concentrated windscreen cleaner designed for use through normal automotive windscreen reservoir/washer systems. Bug Off is formulated to provide strong dirt and road film removal, is non-staining and has excellent rinsing properties.




Appearance:                     Clear blue viscous liquid

Dg rating:                          N/A

Flash point:                        N/A




· Car windscreen washer additive

· Truck windscreen washer additive

· Tractor windscreen washer additive

· Digger windscreen washer additive

· Anywhere where windscreen washer additive is required


Directions for use


Dilute one part of Bug Off to forty parts of clean water, e.g. 25 mils Bug Off per 1 litre water.

N.B - Avoid excessive skin contact as drying of the skin may result.

Bug Off is harmless to glass, rubber and paintwork at the suggested dilution ratio.

Bug Off

SKU: 01704-5

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