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915mm electrostatic dust mop complete with handle clasp frame and removable cover.

This is the ultimate dusting equipment for all hard floors including smooth concrete, vinyl, panted surfaces, cork, timber, laminates etc. The mop cover can be removed and laundered in a laundry bag.

Dustermops are the fastest way to dust hard floor surfaces. Faster than sweeping, Faster than vacuuming.



Unlike the natural fibers of a cotton dust mop, as the name suggests, synthetic fiber dust mops are made of man-made yarn or plastic. When this plastic yarn is pushed along the floor, dust is collected and held by static electricity rather than using a dust mop treatment. Synthetic dust mops are commonly stitched in a looped end pattern that prevents fraying and gives better pickup of soil. Because of the looped end construction and the lack of oily treatment, these dust mops can be laundered many times. It is also easy to shake them out or use a brush to clean them as well. Since there is no oily treatment, the static electricity that holds the fine dust is easily broken, leaving them clean and ready to use.

The synthetic fibers are also not effected by moisture, unlike cotton and are much lighter to push regardless of humidity or presence of liquid. The plastic fibers and their clean-ability cause synthetic fiber dust mops to last much longer than their cotton counterparts.

Although synthetic dust mops are usually 10-15% more to purchase, when you factor in their advantages, the overall cost of dust mopping the floor is decreased dramatically when they are used.

Electrostatic dust control mop - 915mm wide complete

SKU: AL1183C

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