RCS Industrial Chemical Solutions have produced Lime & Scale for removing concrete and cement deposits from vehicles, for cleaning out concrete bowls and affiliated equipment in the concrete possessing industry.

Bowl clean has a blend of detergents and surfactants in it which takes the severeness out of the product and makes it much easier to use.



Appearance:                     Clear Yellow

Dg rating:                           8, Corrosive

Flash point:                        N/A



  • Removes hard water scale
  • Removes grout haze
  • Removes efflorescence
  • For etching marble and limestone
  • Milk stone remover
  • For use in marine and processing industries
  • Lime Removal


Directions for use


As a guide 2 Litres of Lime & Scale will dissolve 400 grams of the calcium carbonate scale.

For removing concrete deposits dilute 2 parts Lime & Scale to up to 6 parts water.

Lime & Scale

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