MEK is a slow evaporating high boiling point solvent that can be used for cleaning metals and hard surfaces. It can be used for removing paint and resins as well as wiping away silicones and marks left behind by seals. Widely used in the aeronautical industries and paint industries.

It is very effective for removing TPC (Temporary Protective Coatings)




Appearance:                     Clear water thin liquid

Dg rating:                          Flammable 3

Flash point:                        -9°C




· Automotive degreasing and cleaning

· Industrial degreasing and cleaning

· Garages, workshops, factories, home’s

· Stain removal – wax, grease, oils

· For removing built up dirt and oil deposits

· For prepping sealing surfaces

· Removal of TPC

· Stripping some paints and resins


Directions for use


MEK can be sprayed on, used in a rag (lint free) to wipe down and used for soaking; the product is slow drying so it will evaporate slowly when used as a soaker and will give off a flammable vapour, keep any containers covered with a lid.

When using it to prep a surface for sealing, make sure you leave it to evaporate before applying sealant.

Always put lid back on container when not in use to avoid product evaporation or possible explosion.


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