Metal Brite 42 is a phosphoric acid based cleaner containing detergents and corrosion inhibitors. Metal Brite 42 is applied either by brush, immersion or spray for the removal of dirt, scale and other insoluble deposits. Metal Brite 42 is carefully formulated to penetrate quickly. Metal Brite 42 is used as a C.I.P detergent designed for in-organic soil removal from process surfaces. Metal Brite 42 may be used either in a wipe-off process, for conditioning metal and removing rust prior to painting or in a heated tank to remove light oils and heavier corrosion products.




Appearance:                     Clear water thin liquid

Dg rating:                          Corrosive 8

Flash point:                        N/A




  • Alloy cleaning – trucks
  • Scale removal
  • Hook, slide and gambrel conditioning and sanitizing
  • Descaleing automatic dishwashers
  • Stainless steel conditioning and sanitizing
  • Rust and corrosion removal


Directions for use


When cleaning vertical surfaces like alloty bulk bins on trucks we suggest that you start at the bottom and move up the bin doing a section at a time. Rinse off thoroughly to bring to a high shine.


Suggested dilution rate of:

· 1:5 for heavy duty cleaning

· 1:10 for medium duty cleaning

· 1:20 for light duty cleaning


It is suggested that all items be flushed thoroughly after use.

MetalBrite 42

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