Multiclean is a heavy duty, non-caustic degreaser formulated for the removal of mineral oils and greases and other soils from hard surfaces.


Multiclean is non toxic and concentrated for both domestic and commercial degreasing and cleaning. It is a great forecourt cleaner and can be used for degreasing engines and other oily machinery in industrial applications. Very popular for cleaning workshop floors. Safe on all metals and non-corrosive - very good around workshop hoists!  


Multiclean is water rinsable and may be diluted with water for economy.


Food Safey Approved C31



Appearance:                      Red clear liquid

Dg rating:                           N/A

Flash point:                        N/A



· Concrete cleaning

· Workshop maintenance and cleaning

· Vinyl cleaning (upholstery and floor)

· Floors walls benches etc

· Fleet washing

· Steam cleaning and water blasting


Directions for use

For heavy duty cleaning of porous or heavily soiled surfaces Multiclean is best used undiluted. Apply to surface, scrub in and allow Multiclean to dwell for ten to fifteen minutes. Hose or wipe off.

For medium duty cleaning, dilute with water and use as above. Dilution rates vary according to nature and degree of soil, but as a guide use one part of Multiclean to ten parts of water.

Steam cleaning and water blasting vary according to nature and degree of soil but as a guide use at 1-5%.

Do not apply to paint work in direct sunlight or allow Multiclean to dry on surface.

pot check porous paints.


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