Rust Converter is a single pack water-based rust-converting etch primer which is designed for application onto rusted surfaces to form a non-toxic film. The product converts the rust layer into a metal phosphate and simultaneously cures into a tough abrasion-resistant skin which is impervious to further rusting. This product may be over coated with any other top coat, whether oil or water based.




Appearance:                     Cream/High viscosity paint — matt black finish

Dg rating:                          N/A

Flash Point:                        N/A




  • Any rusted steel surface


Directions for use


Remove any flaking or thick rust using a hand wire brush, but leave behind the layer of rust directly

attached to the underlying steel. Remove any oil or grease contamination with Citrus Green HD rinse off and allow to dry.

Apply the Rust Converter using a Brush, Roller, or Spray (airless or conventional). When

spraying, reduce the yield stress in the paint by stirring with a high speed stirrer (e.g, a mixing

blade in an electric drill) which lowers the viscosity to that of a conventional paint. If the paint is

cold, warm to at least 25 degrees Centigrade by immersing the container in hot water and stirring

occasionally. Use large tip size and try to avoid adding water, although this may be added sparingly

(e.g., 2 - 3%) to improve the paint flow. For surfaces which exhibit both severe and light rusting, after

the preparation outlined above, apply the Rust Converter over the areas of severe rust, and after allowing the paint to fully dry and cure, apply a second coat over the entire surface. Do not apply Rust Converter over lightly or non-rusted surfaces, since the paint will attack the steelwork and this can lead to rust staining through the final paint film.

Rust Converter