A unique, heavy duty foaming hand cleanser with suspended bio-scrubbers.

The rich-cream foam is effective and pleasant to use environmentally friendly non-abrasive cornmeal bio-scrubbers give a deep-cleaning action to remove most industrial soilings The foam spreads rapidly to emulsify contaminants and quickly rinses to reduce time and water required for a complete hand wash Preferred by users, GrittyFOAM is gentler on the skin, better for the environment and faster to use than conventional heavy duty hand cleansers.

RENEWABLE and RECYCLABLE: GrittyFOAM is USDA BioPreferred certified to independantly verify the product contains significant amount of renewable bio based ingredients.-All cartridge components and packaging are recyclable.

ECO ACREDITED: Certified by EciLogo, North America's largest and most respected environmental standard and certification mar.

"For use with GrittyFOAM dispenser"

Solopol GrittyFoam 3.25L

SKU: GPF3L - Sachet