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Automatic toilet bowl cleaner in every flush

The Bio-Zyme Cleaner INcistern for use in toilet cistern is a hassle-free way to keep your toilet clean and fresh without any effort on your part. This automatic cleaner attaches easily to the inside of the toilet cistern with a waterproof bracket, and doesn't require any batteries. The clever design means that each time the cistern refills after a flush, the INcistern is activated and releases a dose of Bio-Zyme enzyme-based Cleaner to tackle organic waste and uric scale buildup.

By using the power of enzymes, the Bio-Zyme Cleaner INcistern helps to eliminate odours and keep pipework flowing smoothly. The film left on the surface after each cleaning makes it easier to keep your toilet bowl looking sparkling clean, plus, it enhances and conditions the content of your wastewater treatment systems. This long-lasting cleaner is a cost-effective solution that takes the hassle out of toilet maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic cleaner and sanitiser* (*only under MPI Approvals) that attaches to the inside of the toilet cistern through an easy-to-install bracket - no plumber needed
  • Fully neutralises contaminants as a biodegradable cleaner - eliminates odour
  • Keeps the toilet bowl fragrant and fresh between scheduled cleans
  • A 400mL bottle of Cleaner
  • Cost-effective - No need for batteries and lasts approximately 400 flushes
  • Endorsed by NZ leading wastewater treatment system manufacturers
  • Septic preferable

The Bio-Zyme Cleaner INcistern

SKU: incistern

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