A powerful liquid formulated specifically to clean alloy and other metal surfaces.




Appearance:               Clear viscous liquid with acidic smell

Dg rating:                   Class 8 corrosive, class 6.1 toxic

Contains:                    Hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids 




  • Mag wheels
  • Engine blocks, heads, etc
  • Transmission housings
  • Diff housings
  • Coal wagons
  • Shipping containers
  • Clay brickwork


Directions for use


If the area to be treated is heavily contaminated by grease or oil it is advised to pre clean using our product Uni Solve Degreaser.


Wet the surface to be treated with water. Apply a solution of Alloy Cleaner by non atomising spray or brush.

Work from bottom to top and allow solution to stand for 1-2 minutes. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY.

Agitate the surface with a brush and then hose off with a strong jet of water.

Dilute product between 1:9 and 1:30 parts water depending on duty of work, for bricks dilute 1:40.

Alloy Cleaner

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