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Disposable gloves for single use.


Popular for use in dirty, greasy, industrial work environments or where inks, solvents and chemicals are used:


  • Beaded Cuff - providing additional strength and preventing liquid roll off.
  • No less than 0.15mm thick on the finger and palm giving them increased puncture resistance and chemical breakthrough time.
  • Superior protection over latex and vinyl.
  • Fully textured finish to give the user greater sensitivity and further enhance their grip wherever it is needed.
  • Special polymer coating - our gloves are finished with a slip coating on the inside to make the glove easier to don and an advanced grip coating on the outside to maximise their grip even when the glove is wet.
  • Non-allergic as no latex used.
  • Black gloves do not show stains from inks and dyes.
  • Low Sweat Technology.

Bastion Premium Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves


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