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A rose perfumed general-purpose detergent/degreaser/cleaning compound. Its versatile formulation allows it to be used to clean fabrics and any washable surface. Surfaces contaminated with grease, dirt and other soils can be removed easily by varying the concentration to suit.



Appearance:                     Clear blue liquid

Dg rating:                           N/A

Flash point:                        N/A



  • For all cleaning applications- light - heavy, domestic - industrial


Directions for use

(a) Apply to the surface with a mop, sponge or cloth and agitate with a brush if necessary. Wipe or rinse off with clean water.


(b) Can be used in cold water blast machines or through a steam cleaner. With the advantage of spray impingement and heat, the dilution can be increased considerably.


(c) Depending on the type and degree of soil to be removed, the following are suggested:

Heavy duty: 1:10 with water (hot preferably)

Normal duty: 1:30 with water

Light duty: 1:50 with wa­ter.

Blue Magic

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