RCS Industrial Chemical Solutions have produced Bowl Clean for removing concrete and cement deposits from vehicles, for cleaning out concrete bowls and affiliated equipment in the concrete possessing industry.


Bowl clean has a blend of detergents and surfactants in it which takes the severeness out of the product and makes it much easier to use.



Appearance:                     Clear Yellow

Dg rating:                           8, Corrosive

Flash point:                        N/A


  • Removes hard water scale
  • Removes grout haze
  • Removes efflorescence
  • For etching marble and limestone
  • Milk stone remover
  • For use in marine and processing industries
  • Lime Removal


Directions for use

As a guide 1 Litre of Bowl Clean will dissolve 400 grams of the calcium carbonate scale.

For removing concrete deposits dilute 1 part Bowl Clean to up to 6 parts water.

Bowl Clean

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