Brakeleen is a fast drying solvent that will leave no film behind on parts that have been degreased. It is most suitable for surfaces that require a film free finish for applying sealing silicon’s, cleaning down areas where soil contaminates need to be flushed out before resealing and anywhere that requires zero oil residue finishes.




Appearance:                     Clear water thin liquid

Dg rating:                          Flammable 3

Flash point:                        -22°C




· Automotive degreasing and cleaning

· Industrial degreasing and cleaning

· Garages, workshops, factories, home’s

· Stain removal – wax, grease, oils

· For removing built up dirt and oil deposits

· For prepping sealing surfaces


Directions for use


Brakeleen can be sprayed on, used in a rag (lint free) to wipe down and used for soaking; the product is fast drying so it will evaporate quickly when used as a soaker and give off a flammable vapour.

When using it to prep a surface for sealing, make sure you leave it to evaporate before applying sealant.

Always put lid back on container when not in use to avoid product evaporation.


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