Electrosolv QE is formulated primarily for use in cleaning and degreasing a wide range of metallic and non-metallic, electrical and precision componentry where water rinsing is undesirable.

Electrosolv QE is a cost effective, efficient solvent which will rapidly remove most oils, grease, wax, tar, bitumen, silicones, resins, etc. Low surface tension ensures penetration and cleaning of areas of difficult access. Complete evaporation results in a clean dry surface.

Safety in working conditions are achieved as Electrosolv QE is non-flammable and of low toxicity.

It is completely safe on all metals and most insulating material. Evaporates residue free.




Appearance:                     Water thin clear liquid

Dg rating:                          N/A

Flash point:                        N/A

Toxicity:                             50ppm         

Dielectric Strength:         40,000 volts at a gap of 2.5mm




· Any degreasing application where a water rinse is undesirable

· Aircraft electronics

· Automotive electrical equipment

· Diesel electric units

· Powerhouse equipment and switchgear

· Shipping

· Carpet cleaning and removal of oil spots

· Cleaning oil and grease from clothing


Directions for use


Degrease articles by immersion, brush or spray application.


Rinse with clean Electrosolv QE.  Allow to dry.        


Caution: While classed as non-flammable, Electrosolv QE may contribute to a fire hazard with other combustible materials.

Electro Solve QE