Electrosolv RE is a non ozone depleting, specially stabilised solvent degreaser selected to give high solvency for cleaning a wide range of metallic and non-metallic components.


This high performance solvent will quickly dissolve most oils, greases, wax, bitumen, silicones and resins. It will clean inaccessible areas and provides rapid evaporation, leaving a residue-free surface.


It is completely safe on all metals and most insulating material. Evaporates residue-free.




Appearance:                                          Clear water thin liquid

Dg rating:                                               N/A

Flash point:                                            N/A

Gravity:                                                   1.46

Dielectric Constant at 16°C:                3.42           

Specific Resistivity (ohm/cm):            3 x 1010




· Any degreasing application where a water rinse is undesirable

· Aircraft electronics

· Automotive electrical equipment

· Diesel electric units

· Powerhouse equipment and switchgear

· Shipping

· Carpet cleaning and removal of oil spots

· Cleaning oil and grease from clothing

· Vapour degreasing baths


Directions for use


Degrease articles by immersion, brushing, wiping or airless spray application.

Rinse with clean Electrosolv RE.

Allow to dry.

For vapour degreasing baths - refer to your representative.

Electro Solve RE