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NANO FIBRE technology. This is an amazing NANO FIBRE ERASER Sponge that will remove many difficult stubborn dirt stains from all washable surfaces.


Perfect for:

  • Stubborn marks
  • Pots and Pans
  • Taps and sink
  • Bathroom grime .... And much more


Simply wet and wring out: Use on almost any washable surface. As you use the Eraser pad it will wear out, a little like a pencil eraser.


MASSIVE SIZE 11 x 28 x 3.7cm. Cut with a sharp knife to the size you want.


Non Solicited Testimonial from JANE:
"it works just like a pencil eraser, it removes marks and dirt that you didn't think you could clean. Now my light switches and door handles look new again"

Eraser Pad Large (Wonder Sponge)

SKU: 92002

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