NANO FIBRE technology. This is an amazing NANO FIBRE ERASER Sponge that will remove many difficult stubborn dirt stains from all washable surfaces.


Perfect for:

  • Stubborn marks
  • Pots and Pans
  • Taps and sink
  • Bathroom grime .... And much more


Simply wet and wring out: Use on almost any washable surface. As you use the Eraser pad it will wear out, a little like a pencil eraser.


MASSIVE SIZE 11 x 28 x 3.7cm. Cut with a sharp knife to the size you want.


Non Solicited Testimonial from JANE:
"it works just like a pencil eraser, it removes marks and dirt that you didn't think you could clean. Now my light switches and door handles look new again"

Filta Eraser Pad Large (Wonder Sponge)

SKU: 92002