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Green San is a concentrated blend of high quality detergent disinfectants and deodorant formulated to disinfect a wide range of surfaces. Green San is scented to leave a lingering fragrance to the environment where it has been applied.



Appearance:                      Green viscous clear liquid

Dg rating:                           N/A

Flash point:                        N/A



· Cleaning and disinfecting in washroom and bathroom areas.

· Cleaning polished floors.

· Cleaning any hard surface area.


Directions for use

Dilute as necessary according to the application.

1:25 Heavy duty

1:35 Medium Duty

1:60 Light Duty

Disinfecting use 1:75

This product is designed mainly for commercial cleaners and institutions such as schools, hospitals, rest homes, motels, hotels and motor camps.

C32 MPI  Approved

Green San Disinfectant

SKU: 02115-5

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