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5 Disposable Microfibre* Bags


To fit: HUSQVARNA QUALCRAFT: Fits all models.

Also fits: Volta U102, U115, U200, U208, U210, U228, U229, U236, U239, U935, U975, 2000 series ELECTROLUX & VOLTA: Z133, Z135, Z230, Z250, Z260, Z268, Z270, Z280, Z306, Z341, Z347, Z349, Z350, Z351, Z1350,


*Disposable Microfibre last longer than paper- Provide up to 50% better suction-Up to 50% longer life than paper-Trap 99.5% of 0.5 micron Dust.

Husqvarna (78010) Bags

SKU: 78010

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