Orange Citrus Degreaser is a formulation of wetting agents, emulsifiers and performance fluids, designed to give an effective, environmentally safe degreasing system. 



Appearance:                     Orange water thin liquid

Dg rating:                           N/A

Flash point:                        N/A



· Automotive

· All mechanical degreasing

·  Industrial equipment degreasing

· Removal of heavy grease and oil

· Contaminated concrete floors

·  A solvent in ultrasonic cleaning machines

· Numerous other situations


Directions for use

The product can be used either for spray, brush on application or in a tank for soak cleaning.


With spraying or brushing on use Orange Citrus Degreaser and apply liberally to parts to be cleaned and allowed to stand for about five (5) minutes.  The article is then hosed down with a strong jet of water.

With tanks the article is allowed to soak for at least fifteen (15) minutes (overnight can be an advantage).  It is then removed, drained and hosed off with a jet of water away from tank.             


For concrete cleaning apply to concrete and allow two to three minutes to soak in, scrub with a yard broom or other stiff brush and hose down with water.

Orange Citrus Degreaser

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