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For cleaning of all floors. Repeated applications of this product will help the floor to retain a high-shine surface. This product will complement a sealed and buffed floor as an intermediate maintainer and will not strip the sealer.



Appearance:                    Blue water thin liquid

Dg rating:                          N/A

Flash point:                       N/A



· Cleaning all types of floors


Directions for use

Light Duty: 1 part 200 parts water (50mls Outlook per 10L water)

Medium Duty: 1 part 100 parts water (100mls Outlook per 10L water)

Heavy Duty: 1 part 50 parts water (200mls Outlook per 10L water)


Dilute depending on soil load. Mop floor as usual.  Allow to dry.

Outlook Neutral Floor Cleaner


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