Rinse Aid is a liquid rinse drying agent used to eliminate spotting and streaking of tableware, suitable for use in all types of dishwashers, commercial and domestic. C31 Approved



Appearance:                     Blue liquid

Dg rating:                          N/A

Flash point:                        N/A



Rinse Aid is specially formulated for use in all hospitals, restaurants and hotels where maintenance of spot and streak-free dinnerware is essential.


Directions for use

Rinse Aid is automatically injected into the final rinse water between 0.05 - 0.15ml/L of rinse water (50 - 150ppm). For washing by hand, dinnerware may be immersed in a hot final rinse containing 0.15ml of Rinse Aid per litre of water. Immersion of tableware will give quick drying and result is sparkling, spot free utensils.

Rinse and Drying Aid