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INcistern is an automatic toilet cleaner/sanitiser. 

Some toilet cisterns being porcelain, INcistern many not be able to hang of the inside back of cistern. Lid will not sit back on correctly.

Look inside cistern to use some other point to hang from.

Fully neutralises contaminants as a biodegradable cleaner - eliminates odour.
Enzymes help to degrade organic waste materials and removes uric scale &

 acid build up in pipes.

- Organic and environmentally preferable
- Keeps toilet fresh between regular cleans
- Cost effective - Lasts 400 flushes
- Waste Water Treatment System Preferable - Enhances & Conditions the tank
- Effective against Bacteria


MPI Approved C32
MPI Approved Cleaner | Sanitiser
MPI Dairy Approved and Recognised

Toilet Bowl Cleaner


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