Uni Solve Degreaser is a combination of solvents, emulsifiers, penetrating agents and wetting agents. It is a very effective degreaser for the automotive trade and is suitable for cleaning engine parts, removing tar and can be used on most metals and quality cured paints. Is water rinsable.




Appearance:                     Light amber/red, water thin liquid

Dg rating:                          Class 3 flammable liquid

Flash point:                        36°C




  • General degreasing on thin oils to heavy grease
  • Tar and wax removal
  • Industrial equipment degreasing
  • Mechanical degreasing
  • Oil/grease contaminated concrete floors (not suitable for tarseal or asphalt)
  • Solvent for ultra sonic cleaning machines


Directions for use


Uni Solve Degreaser can be used as a soaker, sprayed on or brushed on.

With spraying or brushing on apply liberally and brush in if necessary, leave to stand for about five minutes then rinse off with a strong jet of water.

With soaking in a tank leave item in for at least fifteen minutes or overnight if possible. Remove item, drain and hose off (away from tank).

When cleaning floors apply to concrete and allow product to soak in for a few minutes. Scrub with a stiff bristled broom or brush. Hose off. Not suitable for tarseal asphalt.

Uni Solve Degreaser

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