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Fast, faster, Speed Glider: The vacuum cleaner nozzle is the optimal solution for fast and thorough carpet cleaning. Its innovative nozzle geometry and rounded design allow it to glide effortlessly and without resistance over the carpet and ensure maximum speed. This makes Speed Glider very comfortable to use and enables a very fast and efficient cleaning process. At the same time, a long and wide thread lifter ensures optimum pick up of fibres and lint. Thanks to the generous suction mouth, even larger particles and coarse dirt can be picked up easily. With a working width of 370 millimetres, Speed Glider is the ideal compromise between area performance and comfort. As a special extra, Speed Glider has an integrated upholstery nozzle for cleaning textile surfaces such as sofas and pillows.

  • Innovative design
    The rounded underside allows maximum speed and comfortable working
  • Optimum dirt absorption
    generous suction mouth for easy pick up of larger particles and coarse dirt
  • Multifunctional
    Integrated upholstery nozzle for cleaning textile surfaces

W/W Speed Glider 32mm Detachable Nozzle


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