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MYTEE Washing machine Cleanser works by breaking down and flushing out. A unique one shot cleanser specifically designed to clean top and front loading washing machines. build up from lint, detergent scum, and calcium deposits. This build up is difficult to see but lines the internal pipes, agitator stem, pump and bowl and is the major cause of washing machine break down and clothing




Ensure your washing machine is empty of clothes and water. Clean the lint filter. For a Top Loader, Add all  the contents of this container into the bottom of the washing machine, Front Loader Only Half the container.

Fill with HOT WATER and allow to stand for 30-40 minutes. Start machine on normal wash cycle and allow the full wash to finish. Fill washing machine with COLD WATER and start a full wash cycle. This rinses the machine and is an important step. Your washing machine is now ready for a normal wash.




Mytee Washing Machine Cleanser 500G


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