Refine is UV resistant and contains reactive silicones that polymerise on the surface to give a durable, detergent resistant film.  This unique silicone chemistry means Refine is not just oil.

Additional features include non-solvent based, pleasantly perfumed and antistatic properties to repel dust and dirt pick up.




Appearance:                     White, thin liquid with a nice smell

Dg rating:                          N/A

Flash point:                        N/A




· Vinyl

· Plastic

· Rubber

· Leather

· Hard surfaces

· Bench tops

· Lacquered wood


Directions for use


Shake contents of the container before using.

Apply Refine liberally via spray or swab to clean dry surfaces and ensure complete coverage.

Allow approximately one hour for polish to penetrate.  Then ideally buff to remove any excess and polish the surface.

Initially 2-3 applications provide best results on porous surfaces.  Refine is water resistant in one hour and detergent resistant in 24 hours.


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